Rudi’s Choice Onyx Collection

Rudi’s Choice provides expert, hand-selected collections of the best contemporary granite, onyx and marble from around the world. Rudi Eggers’s extensive experience and expertise ensure that you get the best quality and value-for-money possible. His personal mission to source exquisite materials at source guarantees individual slab quality and the assurance of professional handling and delivery of materials.

Rudi’s selections are shipped from the furthest reaches of the globe to South African ports, which are available locally in the Rudi’s Choice Granite Collection and the Rudi’s Choice Marble Collection.

With Rudi’s Choice, you’re bound to find the granite, marble or onyx material to suit your individual taste that will complement your environment.

General care & maintenance

What is the best way to clean granite, marble & onyx?

Handy Andy® and Windowlene® are good products to use for daily cleaning of granite. Marble and onyx should ideally be cleaned with natural stone cleansers. To prolong the need for resealing granite, use a wax-based product or Mr Min® approximately twice a week.

What is the best way to get rid of stubborn stains on granite, marble & onyx?

Due to their porous nature, all of these stone types can stain.  Granite slabs that are light in colour with a fine grain are more prone to staining, so it is best to clean off stain-prone substances as soon as possible.  Should your marble, granite or onyx countertop get stained, follow this procedure:

  • Create a paste with plaster of Paris and Jik®
  • (Fabricators: plaster of Paris can be replaced with aluminium powder.)
  • Cover and seal the area with plastic such as Gladwrap®
  • Leave the covered paste for 24 hours, then remove.

How often to marble and granite need to be resealed?

Marble and onyx are very sensitive and should be resealed every 6 months:  Akemi® is an excellent sealer that you can apply yourself.  High-gloss marble provides the most resilient finish, as it creates a less porous surface than usual.  You supplier will be able to tell you whether your preferred slab has a high-gloss finish.  Granite needs to be resealed less often if you have been regularly polishing it with a wax-based product or Mr Min®

General care for marble, granite and onyx

• Do not sit, stand or kneel on your counter.
• Do not cut directly on the surface as scratching will occur.
• Do not drop heavy objects onto the surface.
• Using a trivet for resting hot objects away from your surface is recommended.
• Do not use abrasive cleaners.
• Do not forcefully scrub any area of the countertop.
• Do not allow water to pool around sinks and faucets areas for prolonged periods of time.

*Colour, shade, movement and graining of actual product may vary from sample or image. We recommend that you select your preferred slabs at the branch nearest you.